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A point to ponder

"A peculiar virtue in wildlife ethics is that the fisher (hunter) ordinarily has no gallery to applaud or disapprove of his conduct. Whatever his acts, they are dictated by his own conscience, rather than by a mob of onlookers. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this fact."
With apologies to Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

All of our documents and forms are available in PDF format, you will need a PDF reader to read them, we recommend Adobe Reader, click the link to download the reader.

Mission Statement

Develop and promote the sport of fishing for walleye in a club atmosphere for the benefit of all members. Promote and encourage conservation of our natural resources including proper fish conservation together with ethical and legal fish handling techniques, including but not limited to Catch, Record, and Release procedures. Provide a platform for members to share ideas, techniques, and information which will enhance the members knowledge and enjoyment of walleye fishing. Arrange regular competitions &/or trips for the enjoyment of members providing a grassroots environment for beginning walleye tournament anglers. Promote and encourage proper boating safety.

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Code of Ethics

Members will abide and follow all fishing and conservation laws and legal requirements contained therein, and will assist newcomers to the sport in learning said requirements. Members will treat each other, sponsors, other fisherpersons, and the general public with complete respect and honesty at all times. Members will obey and follow all boating laws and regulations. Members will show respect and proper etiquette to other stakeholders on the water, on the road, at the dock, and all O.R.W.L. event sites. Members that are boat owners, will maintain valid liability insurance with a Canadian approved boat insurer, and that said insurance will remain in effect for the duration of their membership.

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Organizational Rules and Guidelines

President's Duties

Vice President's Duties

Secretary's Duties

Treasurer's Duties

Competition Captain's Duties

Conservation Captain's Duties

Club Guests

Members who own businesses.

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ORWL Competition Rules

  1. Have fun!
  2. Club competitions will not be scheduled or held during walleye opening weekend.
  3. Club competitions are open to guests as boaters or non-boaters, who will be allowed to participate in a maximum of three club competitions before being required to join the club on a formal basis. Guest participants must identify themselves to the Competition Captain. They will be given a copy of the club's code of ethics and competition rules, and must agree to follow them at all times by signing the Member (Guest) Application.
  4. Each angler will measure, record, and release* walleye with a length of 10" or more. Walleye will be measured from the tip of the mouth to the tip of the pinched tail. The walleye will be recorded to the completed full inch on an official ORWL score card.
    e.g. If the fish measures 15.75", 15" will be recorded on the score card.
  5. Each angler must submit an individual score card. All score cards must be submitted to the Competition Captain (or designate) at the conclusion of the league fishing competition. It is recommended that each angler also take a digital photo of the catch with the competition code for verification in the event of a dispute.
  6. A competition code will be supplied prior to the competition via the ORWL message board. It is each angler's responsibility to get the competition code before participating. Print the competition code on a piece of paper and place it next to the fish and ruler so the length can be confirmed by the Competition Captain.
  7. Participating anglers may NOT begin fishing in any scheduled ORWL Competitive Event, prior to posted start times on scheduled competition day, and may end any time prior to official cut-off time. Official launches and cut-off times are posted for each event on the Competition Schedule. With the exception of Wednesday events when participating anglers may begin fishing before the official start time, but will not be allowed to count fish caught before the official start time as posted. This exception is based on the honor and trust of club members one for another. Any complaint will be subject to the complaint rule. See rule 14.
  8. Scoring

  9. In the event that an angler fails to return to the designated launch by the official cut-off time, all fish on their scorecard will be disqualified and no handicap points will be received .
  10. All fish caught will be measured and scored to the nearest completed full inch, and one point will be awarded for each inch. The minimum length is 10", and only the top 5 fish will count on the scorecard.
  11. The competition Handicap Fish will be determined by the largest fish caught (rounded up to the next nearest 5" mark) in that particular competition, as reported among all scorecards handed in to the Competition Captain. In the event that no fish are scored, all eligible participants will receive 15 handicap points.
  12. Points Table shown in PDF File

  13. Angler of the Year Awards (Boater, Non Boater and Junior categories) will be based on the cumulative total points from each angler's best 5 events. Designated Tournament Anglers will NOT be eligible to record any handicap points. Prior to the beginning of the Competitive Series of events, any Junior Angler (under age of 21 years) may request that they be allowed to compete in a respective adult category. Said request is to be made via post to our message board, and once approved will remain in effect for the year.
  14. Any available prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the Competition Captain based on points scored at that competition.
  15. Safety

  16. All anglers must contact the Competition Captain once they are off the water. If you do not attend the meeting at the launch by the official cut-off time, ensure that other competition participants are aware of your departure.
    • ORWL encourages the proper use of VHF radio equipment.
    • Members' contact information is also available on the ORWL message board.
    • In the event that a boater does not return by the cut-off time, search parties will be organized. Remaining members will not leave the competition site until all participants are accounted for. Let's be safe in numbers.


  17. Any complaints regarding the competition must be directed to the Competition Captain within one week, along with a $10.00 complaint fee. The Competition Captain and the Executive Board will review the complaint, and if the complaint is up held, the $10.00 fee will be refunded. Written rules as posted in this list of Competition Rules, will take precedent over any posts or proposed changes that may appear from time to time, either written or verbal. The Competition Rules will be set at the beginning of the club year (April) and will remain in effect until the following April. The rules may only be amended under exceptional circumstances and only then by agreement of the Executive Members and by publishing notification of the change to all members on the bulletin board.
  18. *Catch-Record-Release

    The CRR competition format is being practiced in professional angling tournaments to great success. This format involves taking a few digital photographs of the fish, and immediately releasing the fish where it was caught. This eliminates stress on fish from transporting them great distances over several hours in a livewell.

    CRR eliminates the need to implement dead-fish penalties, and also circumvents slot limits (the prohibition of keeping fish within a specified length range) since no fish are kept. In a competitive setting such as ORWL's, this means that the angler who catches the most and largest fish wins.

    Keeping fish within MNR rules and regulations is acceptable, as walleye are excellent eating. It is recommended that after a walleye is measured and recorded, it should be placed on ice in a cooler.

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